While providing the Self-Drive service, the Company's role is only limited to supply the required vehicles with the required models with the utmost importance of the maintenance of these vehicles, which distinguishes the company with the dependency and power of following up the maintenance, which is defined as providing the after rental service through the following points:

  • The client is entitled to use 54000 Km annually with a rate of 4500 km a month.
  • The vehicle shall be replaced with other vehicle in case of maintenance, the license renewal, or what impedes the vehicle's operating or in all cases that impedes the vehicle's operating
  • A periodic maintenance by conducting maintenance in agencies and authorized service centers.
  • The tires shall be changed every 50000 km even if it was in a good condition.
  • the Emergency Aid Service is provided on the road for 24 hours by an equipped vehicle, technician and driver working in shifts that allows providing the service 24 hours.
  • The battery is changed every 18 months even if it was in a good condition.
  • There is an insurance coverage including all vehicles.
  • All vehicles are equipped with high safety rates required to be in a vehicle such as at least ABS brakes + 2 Air Bags + seat belts.

with a Driver

The driver is considered the most important and essential element in the field, so the Company gave the utmost priority to the diver to complete the distinguished and uniqueness elements through the following points:

  • Recruiting qualified and trained drivers through the training courses of the Ministry of Tourism, including the following:
    • Weekly Course: It is a comprehensive course of the safe driving factors and elements a section that includes the elements of the safe drive
    • One Day Course: It is a quick course specialized in encountering the risks that face the driver during driving.
  • Recruiting drivers with a high level of knowledge of English language and some of other languages.
  • Providing a package of the important incentives for the drivers to guarantee a decent and distinctive level of performance in the Company through a salary, allowances, health insurance and other incentives.