The Company provides its services in the transportation Field and vehicles and limousine rental since two years ago, as the company Smart Vehicle Transport established in November 2016... Read More


The Company provides new concept and vision for the companies working in the transportation field specialized in providing the services to the corporate sector to guarantee the provision of the best services to the targeted customers (Companies) through a full control of the three services elements that include the following:
1- Vehicle
3- Driver
Working constantly on achieving these three elements accurately and making them ready and prepared 24 hours, accordingly the Company's vision is to combine and control the three elements under one administration through the Company's vehicles, drivers and an international service center affiliated to the Company. The focus in the current period is on providing the services of transportation, limousine and meet and assists among the other services to be provided to the companies.


The company aims to make its vision unique, diverse, functional, and effective.
That this vision would affects the decision-making process of our Clients (companies).
And to attract the largest number of customers (Corporate Sector) through confirming the credibility of the company and its effectiveness.